Established in July 2006, with the name FLAMIN’ HEELS was chosen by a business studies group from group from Cyfathfa High School, Merthyr, through the Dynamore Project with the Welsh Assembly that I was working with. I had been salsa dancing for four years and taken teacher – training, with Welsh Champion Jaycee and later with Dancalatina. Furthering my ;training in London with Irene Miguel, of Mambo Lifestyle, where the group ‘Space’ danced in the Salsa Congress at Bournemouth.

Salsa was found whilst on holiday in Cuba and the love of the dance took over my life, as i had a natural talent for dance and went from strength to strength, soon becoming a teaching assissant, before my teacher training began. People who saw me dance couldn’t believe I hadn’t been dancing for years and I quickly became know as quote; Queen Of Wiggles, with Happy Feet, by my students, at La Tasca’s, Cardiff and the Pavillion, in Porthcawl. I belives that everyone has their own style, which I encourage in my students.


TAMMIKA: From a young age, I have sung and danced my way through life and by the age of sixteen, was already working full-time in the entertainment industry as a performer. Along with friend Abbie Burrows we became Welsh Salsa Champions, in 2005, setting the precedent, as there had never been two females winning this competition. During 2006 my friend Darren Harper, from Cardiff and I, were chosen to dance for the ‘Nescafe’ Promotions, in South Wales and the West Country.

I met Craig during 2007 through dancing and April 2010 we were married. Becoming more involved with schools and Health and Fitness in the Workforce now holds regular workshops in the community for different departments of RCT and Team Building Days for local businesses. I am involved with Cydradd – Cymru, teaching workshops in the schools and the life in the countries the dances come from, which age from Primary to College Levels. We teach at the UDF Salsa Fitness Weekender, in Mid- Wales, teaching Ladies Styling and Turn Patterns for Beginner’s and Intermediate dancers every year, as well as holding our own events throughout the year.

CRAIG: My dancing career started the day I met my wife Tammika. and found my life would never be the same. Tammika’s, Bubbly, enthusiasm in the way she taught others made me want to achieve success myself as a dancer. I found that teaching others, seeing them progress from those ‘first baby steps to competent dancers, not only made my life fuller but brings a richer experience to my life. I have become much more outgoing and am always wanting to achieve more.

My partnership with Tammika, within FLAMIN’ HEELS brings ;it’sown brand of teaching. Tammika is the effervescent and outgoing one, while I am more quiet but we compliment each other when working together.

Flamin’ Heels has now been incorporated into Energize Dance & Fitness