powerhoop 2

Trim your waist, strengthen your core. Powerhoop is the missing link in your workout routine… and you’ll be astonished by the results.

Powerhoop’s large diameter makes it easy to use, even for those who never “hooped” before. The wavy interior profile helps to quickly build a body armour of protective core muscle. High-density foam padding makes Powerhoop comfortable to use, while the shape, size and weight create a versatile fitness tool that can be used in a variety of dance, aerobics, yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises. At home or at the gym, Powerhooping is a fun-filled way to slim your waist and strengthen your core.

Group classes are cropping up in gyms all over Europe. The classes run about 45 minutes and involve much more than just hip-twirling; the weighted Powerhoop is used in a variety of maneuvers to work all the body’s muscle groups, including weight-training, aerobics, stretching, dance and pilates-based exercise. There has been a rising demand for qualified fitness instructors to meet the need for “The Powerhoop Workout” in the UK; over four hundred qualified instructors have attended Powerhoop Workout Instructor Training courses. Says Emma Ashby, manager of Peak Physique Gym in Kent, England, “Class members keep coming back because they can see the results, but most of all because training with the hoops is loads of fun!

“Full-circle” training for your core muscles.

“Core muscles” are the deep muscles and connective tissue that encircle the spine and provide structural support. According to Professor Stuart McGill at the Department of Spine Biomechanics, University of Waterloo, Canada, strengthening only one side of these muscles (for example, just the abs) will destabilize the spine by pulling it out of alignment. Therefore it is important to train all of the core muscles in the front, back and sides of your body.