Pontypridd, South Wales is where you’ll find experienced Dance & Fitness Instructor/Presenter/Choreographer, Tammika and her business Energize (Zumba® South Wales/Flamin’ Heels). Tammika has spent 15 years in Performing Arts and Entertainment Industry, as a singer, recording artiste and with TV appearances.

Tammika wanted more to reach people and has been a Latin Dance Instructor for the past 10 years, being Welsh Champion in 2005. Tammika’s Salsa classes are always based on a fun way of learning for everyone and became known as “Queen Of The Wiggles with Happy Feet” by her students and did all her own choreography for dance routines, which included, all different Latin rhythms.

For the past 8 years Tammika has been working withing the schools/colleges with the Welsh Assembly as a Role Model, to encourage young people to believe in themselves and their future. Many of those who heard Tammika’s story of how she started have said that she has given them something to aim for in their life.

Running a successful business with the Salsa, Tammika felt she had more to offer people and found Zumba® on her Wedding Day. This gave Tammika what she knew she was looking for to encourage others and show them how to feel good about themselves.

Tammika says: ” Zumba® is for everyone, no matter who or what you are in life. My classes are filled with energy and fun and no matter how fit you are, you can be part of it. Classes are fun for all and you work at your own level. People are capable of achieving so much more than they believe they can and find our classes are where they get a great work-out in a fun environment.

My life so much more fulfilled now and I am myself physically fitter than I have ever been. I am there for my zumba-ettes, to assist them in any way they need, even just for a chat and advice.

I love giving back to my community also working in areas that are uncovered by other people, as these are people who would miss out on the chance to be part of the zumba® experience otherwise.”

zumba-228x290Tammika says: “Zumba® has brought that extra element into my dance life
which I want everyone to share. My classes are Friendly and Fun Filled and
no one leaves feeling bad about themselves.”

Zumba® Fitness:
Is Fab
Is Fun
Is Energizing
A Real Buzz
It puts the Whoop in Whoopie!!!

You won’t need the gym after this work-out
It’s the Best Party In Town.

Tammika has recently become a Mummy and although baby Gabrial arrived
a month early, she was teaching up to a few days before his birth, 25th
November, 2011.

Tammika now has a team of 4 working with her, including husband Craig.



Latin Dance & Fitness Instructor Craig loves his job and encouraging others to excel themselves whenever possible, to reach their goals in life.

Craig has been dancing since 2007 and went on to become a Latin Dance Instructor and Fitness Instructor/Presenter. As well as Salsa, and Zumba®, Craig is trained in Urban Rebound and Kettlercise. Craig has built his own style with his classes, loving the challenge of being able to encourage children and young people and specializes in reaching people with various disabilities and learning difficulties.

Business has expanded in the past year and Tammika & Craig have now expanded the fitness side and are now qualified in the following:

• Kettlersize
• Urban Rebound
• Power Hoop
• Armageddon
• Unity
• Kangoo Jumps
• Piloxin